Crazy 88 - CityGame

In this game you will get to know one of the cities of Europe through and through. You’ll receive various wacky assignments, to be completed in the city of your choice. Each assignment is even crazier than the other! This makes for some hilarious moments you’ll never forget.

The completion of the assignments will be taped, so you can take the evidence home. For each assignment there are some points to be earned. At the end of the game, the group that collected the most points will be announced the winner. But be careful! You have to arrive at the final destination on time, or the points won’t be counted.

Apart from doing the hilarious assignments, you’ll see the most amazing spots of the European city of your choice. This active day will assist in teambuilding and give you some great memories. Do you want to win the game? Show that your team can work together, be original and have guts!