The Phone – All through Europe!

You can now play this exciting game in several different cities in Europe. You will be send into downtown London, Milan, Istanbul, or one of the other European cities, with just a mobile phone and an instruction sheet to help you.

From now on the mysterious patron will only communicate by phone. Do you want to solve the mystery? Complete all the assignments texted to you by the mysterious patron and find the answers in the city. If you get the answer right, you'll get a hint as to the next location. But if you get the answer wrong... Well, we don’t know where the mysterious patron will send you!

One thing is for certain: during this game you’ll visit the most wonderful sites of one of the cities in Europe. Don’t forget the time! Which team will find the mysterious patron first and win the game?

Are you brave enough to duel with the mysterious patron? Play the game The Phone in Europe!